About Mary & Cheryl

Mary Reid

Merivale is the 2012 ABIA State Winner for Wedding Cake Design and the 2016 National Designer of Dreams 2nd in Australia winner. With a decorating career of 40+ years Merivale has consistently positioned their product to meet the highest level of quality, client service, value for money and new design trends.

The Merivale brand is recognised for their superior range of custom-designed cakes, free of charge cake tasting and design consultations, delivery services. Almost 95% of their gross sales comes from repeat and word-of-mouth clients.

To allow Merivale to stay informed on emerging international trends, they regularly visit the UK to attend international cake exhibitions, purchase new tools, undertake further training and escort and mentor students for international competitions. Mary regularly writes articles on wedding cake trends for bridal magazines and her work has been published in national and international magazines in the UK, France and Italy.

Cheryl Stace

For the past 20 years Cheryl Stace has been the behind-the-scenes business partner responsible for the delivery of wedding cakes and the production of a range of decorating tools and transport boxes for students. Recently Cheryl began creating her own unique range of novelty cakes and her first wedding cake was a sculptured 24”L x 9”W x 14”H cabin cruiser. Cheryl’s novelty creations bring a design-freshness to the partnership that complements Merivale’s extensive formal cake design collection.