Magnificent Nine

“I have a group of advanced students whom I call ‘the magnificent nine’……and four of the group travelled to the UK in May 2012 for an international expo, school and competition. One of the students Vicky Gilbert (who won a silver and bronze award for her entries in the UK) got married in early November 2012 and the others chipped in to do her wedding cake as their combined gift.

Vicky had several ideas that she wanted built into her design and each of these had a special meaning for her. Finalising the design went through various stages of what would/would not work but the real challenge was transporting the cake in 5 pieces to assemble it on site in the community hall at Moonie about 3.5hours from Toowoomba. The bride’s brief included:

· the theme was black and white with lime green

· the black damask pattern and diamante hearts had to be incorporated to match her table settings and invitations

· there had to be plenty of bling to match her Jimmy Choo shoes (that she purchased in Paris on our trip)

· lime green macaroons were to be included to match the bomboniere ( went to a macaroon class in Paris, also on the trip so Vicky made these)

· small white/lime green rose buds (to match the buttonholes worn by the gents), and

· a single white butterfly as a symbol of respect to her younger sister who passed away a couple of years ago.

The finished product accomplished all of these elements, and more, because it required the girls to work as a team during each stage; some with the baking, others with the


covering, others with the stencilling, roses and butterfly. It took two of us 1.5 hours to assemble on site with one hour to spare. The kitchen staff at the venue were a great help offering all sorts of advice and in filing down the macaroons however they were in shock when I produced a spirit-level to assemble the separators and cakes.”

Post note: the bride emailed only yesterday to say that they were so happy with the cake that they could not cut it until the next day! I think this says ‘mission accomplished’ by a very talented and generous group of young women who share a common passion.