Corporate Cakes

Merivale’s range of corporate Celebration, Christmas and Thank You cakes are decorated and packaged in your own corporate image. Sizes vary from individual serves to extra large and are priced accordingly.
2”, 4” & 5” cakes (boxed or wrapped)
8” & 10” cakes (un-packaged)

Corporate cakes always include some element of the client’s business logo and/or corporate colour scheme and their shape, size and flavour are selected to reflect the purpose of the function.

Size Shape
Treat portions
2” Square $22 Single serve Wrap/boxed
4” Square/Round $55/$48 24/16 Wrap/boxed
5” Square/Round $95/$82 32/24 Boxed
6” Square/Round $135/$122 36/30 Boxed
Larger sizes on request Priced as per celebration cakes