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Merivale Sugarcraft Academy (MSA)  is the marketing name for the Merivale sugarcraft classes. MSA has 400 plus students/enquiries on its database and on average 30-40 students are active in classes in any on year. Merivale classes are highly sort after for their high level of hands on experience, the quality of their trainers, the mix of class topics and the entertaining and supporting environment provided for classroom activities and lunches.

Merivale Sugarcraft courses have been designed to be fun, easy and accessible.  The main points of difference about our training courses include:

  • the hands-on teaching approach for each course is based on the techniques gained from 30+ years of experience
  • the course content and handouts have been designed around the use of contemporary tools (moulds, cutters, stencils etc.) that are provided in class to suit the beginner, the refresher and advanced students and decorators
  • a progressive range of skills is acquired as the student advances through the various courses.
  • a range of knowledge based courses to provide the high end details of operating a cake decorating business, business and marketing processes and consulting with the clients.

Merivale’s course cost are all inclusive: everything required in class from the cake/ dummy, boards, icing, use of equipment and light refreshments are included.

The only tools that the students need to provide are aprons, rolling pin, hand towels, writing material and transport boxes to take home their course work.

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