Frequently Asked Questions

Will you make a cake to my design or do you only make your own designs? We prefer to work with you to create a design that includes your ideas and new trends. You can select from the many options on our web site, display cakes, photo/book library, or bring along your own design.
Can I taste your cakes?


We hold regular free-of-charge cake tasting sessions (see flyers) plus we meet with clients by appointment. Reservations are essential.  However if these times do not suit you then phone for an appointment.  We are available 7 days and early evenings each week.  A total of 4 guests are permitted for each cake tasting session and only one free tasting session permitted per client.
How many tiers will I need?


The Portion Guide will assist in determining the correct size cake you need and will depend on: (1) if the cake will be served as treat or dessert; (2) if the top tier is to be kept; (3) if a ‘morning-after’ cake is required, (4) the number of guests.
Are there normal sizes for two tier and three tier cakes? The two tier cake is 6 & 10” (est. 70 dessert/140 treat portions); the three tier cake is 6, 8 & 10” (est. 80/100 dessert/200 treat portions).
How much will my cake cost? Our cakes are priced in two categories: standard and elaborate. The price difference is based on the amount of decorating required:

  • Two/ three tier standard designs start at $490-$590;
  • Two/three tier elaborate designs start at $590-$690.
How much deposit is required? How do we pay for our cake? We do not require a deposit. Once written confirmation is received, full payment is required one week prior to the wedding.  Payment options are cash, cheque, direct deposit.
How much lead time do you need? 6-9-months is an ideal lead time to guarantee availability.  Lead times shorter than this depend on the number of clients booked in ahead of you.
Do you deliver?




Can we collect our cake?

We deliver/pack for transport all around SE Queensland and Interstate.

The delivery/packaging fee varies on the distance to the venue location.

Delivery, setup, packaging and transport advice is covered at interview.

Delivery costs vary based on the venue location: Toowoomba CBD $45; Lockyer Valley $95; Ipswich $115; Brisbane and the North & South coast $155; Mt Tamborine $175.

Cakes that are collected by the client are the responsibility of the client who will also have to provide a box to transport the cake.  

How many flavours do you have? Merivale offer 15 different flavours.  A maximum of 8 flavours are available at cake tasting and flavours marked * are only available on request.
Can I have a different flavour on each tier? Yes. There is no extra charge for different flavours on each tier.  Couples who want their cake served as dessert often choose different flavours to provide for alternate drop desserts.
Can I put fresh flowers on my cake? Queensland safe food handling practices recommend that fresh flowers are not placed directly on to or in to the cake.
Do you make gluten free? Yes. We recommend that the wedding cake is made in the standard recipe and that the gluten free cake is made as a small cake to suit the required number of guests.
How long will the fruit and mud cakes keep? Fruit cake will keep for years when wrapped in glad wrap and then alfoil and kept in an air tight container in the freezer.  Thaw for a minimum of 24 hours before using.

Chocolate mud cakes will keep up to 14 months.  Wrap in glad wrap twice, placed in a sealed container and freeze.  Thaw for a minimum of 12 hours before use.  Individual pieces can be zapped for 4-6 seconds to bring the moisture back to the surface.

NOTE: do not freeze sugar decorations and flowers