Getting Started

When couples begin the search for wedding suppliers, they usually follow a research and price comparison process.  But this can become a frustrating ordeal as couples often discover a wide variety of choice and pricing amongst rival businesses.

To help sift through options and find the most suitable service provider to meet the needs of the couple we suggest answering the following WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, HOW questions.

Keep it simple is the key!

1. When should we consider researching and booking the wedding cake? Around 6-9 months ahead of the wedding date.
2. Where will we find an ideal cake decorating supplier and designer who will help us? Research designs and local decorator with friends, other couples, the internet, the Australian Bridal Industry Academy, magazines and expos.

Source design options and quotes from 2-3 preferred suppliers.

Request a consultation and cake tasting session to create a design that suits you. Set your cake budget but be real about the cost per portion that you settle on.

3. What factors should we consider when making our choice of wedding cake supplier? Points to consider prior to consultation:

  • the number of guests;
  • is the cake is to be served as dessert/treat;
  • is the top tier is to be kept or used;
  • is a ‘morning after’ cake required;
  • delivery and special dietary needs;
  • set your budget
  • research payment/deposit options.
  • Take to the meeting:
  • dress colours and flower selections;
  • example of the invitation, table decorations, bonbonniere;
  • photos of the dress/suit;
  • examples of your theme (e.g. elegant, garden and colours).
  • Points to consider following consultation:
  • cake flavours and options;
  • design technical skills and quality;
  • decorator availability;
  • delivery service – cost and risk strategy (e.g. what happens in the case of emergency accidents etc);
  • price/budget;
  • does the design suit you, is the decorator highly skilled and innovation, are you happy with the customer service provided, are you getting value for money.
4. How should we go about placing our order with the preferred supplier?
  • Determine which decorator best meets your needs.
  • Place your order: phone/email your confirmation, check availability, and ask for a written invoice, with your preferred payment options.
  • Log dates for follow up (e.g. photos for sugar characters, payment dates) in your wedding planner.
  • Do you want a viewing of the cake prior to delivery